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    How-to configure Exchange 2003 “SMTP Connector” to send messages over 1024 KB at specific schedule to all user except management group?

    I tried to create to “SMTP Connectors” the first named “All”
    At “Delivery Options” tab limit the “Oversize messages are grater than 1024”

    The other “SMTP Connector” named “Management”
    At this connector I did not limited the “Oversize messages”
    I configured this connect for Management group only at the “Delivery Restrictions” I configured the connector to “Rejected” ” accept “Management” “Distribution group”

    I gave the 2 connector the same cost.

    It is still not working mail always go through the “Management Connector”…

    Any Experts idea will be really appreciated

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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