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    I am in an organization with 12 sites. Currently all of them have NT 4 Domains and we have gotten a server for each site that will have 2003.

    – We also have a 2003 domain with an exchange member server.
    – Gigabit WAN between sites.

    All of the users for the entire organization already have user accounts on the Root domain controller for email.
    There is no concern for any resources on the NT domains, so it’s pretty much a fresh start in all of the branch offices.
    I am considering making all of the branch offices new child domains of the current 2003 domain we use for exchange. Since all of the users already have accounts, I know that I cannot create them again in the branch child domains, and I’m not sure how to go about moving them without effecting the exchange accounts.
    The users ideally will have roaming profiles within the child they are assigned to. I considered creating a domain local group in a child domain, and adding a global group from the root with the members that would be local to that child, but am not sure how the authentication / policies will work seeing how the accounts don’t reside directly on the child domain.

    Any ideas, thoughts, and help is greatly appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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