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    I am running small business server 2003 and I have OWA configured trough SSL. I am not very happy with the way it’s configured at the moment. A few things I want to change:

    1. I want to change te URL to connect to the webmail. Now it’s like this:

    How can I configure that I don’t have to type “/exchange”. When I type the URL whitout te “/exchange” now, I see a standard welcome page of SBS2003. I want to get rid of this!

    2. How can I fix my SSL certificate?

    The certificate I use now is not good. It doesn’t contain information of the webmail domain. Can I just delete the old one and create a new one? Is it better to buy a certificate? And what is a good company to buy one from?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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