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career switch wanted from IT Security to Linux/UNIX

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    Hello All,

    I didnt know which forum to insert this, if this is the incorrect one i apologise. Im an extremely frustrated IT Security professional looking to switch to Linux/UNIX systems administration/engineering.
    My current job is 80% Operational 20% Technical with very limited hands-on and whatever hands-on i get is boring, laborious and repetitive. The reason im doing this job is to become visible with other departments although the UNIX team have downsized meaning that they will not be hiring anyone else in the near future.

    I have been looking externally from the current company i work for, i decided to take a career break from May until September in order to do a Linux sys admin course. To my frustration it was canceled because of lack of participants, i asked a company the possibility of doing voluntary work in order to gain experience to my disappointment they want people with skills irrespective of voluntary or paid employment.

    September i return to my employer with no new skills and dread returning to this boring position, im contemplating going on long term sick leave in order to do a qualification for a job that i want to do & possible leave the country that i currently live in as it has not done me any good.

    Any help or assistance is greatly appreciated during this annoying time.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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