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    okay, i’m the support guy/jr. admin at our company. (actually, i’m the only admin. yikes!) here’s the situation i walked into and am unable to resolve:

    here at corporate, we are on the192.168.2.x subnet (w2k3 standard, sp2). at our warehouse, they are on the 192.168.0.x subnet (also w2k3 standard, sp2). the sites are wan’d via vpn in our sonicwall firewalls, one at each location.

    from my local pc on the 2.x subnet, when i browse the network, i can see all of the servers and pc’s on the 0.x subnet, but none of the local 2.x boxes. this is true for several of our boxes here. well no, biggie. i can map to shares on 2.x subnet if i have to. BUT…

    our local dc, which is also the dns server, cannot see the local 2.x subnet either, but can see the 0.x subnet. obviously, i need the dc to function 100%. we had a consultant come in and look at our settings. he recommended a few changes, but none of them seemed to help with this particular issue.

    so, the corporate dc is the warehouse dc is on the 2.102 box, we serve dns as, on the 0.102 box, we serve dns as,

    everything from the warehouse side seems to be okay. it’s just here at corporate that things are screwy. i’m sure there’s a boatload of info i haven’t provided, but i can answer any questions you might have.

    anyone have any advise for me?

    thx a mil!

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