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    dear all, i have a problem with public folders and giving permissions to distribution groups.

    it works fine for individual accounts, but not dg’s.

    i get the following error message when i try to add a dg.

    The operation failed
    ID no: 80004005
    Exchange System Manager

    we are using exch 2003 enterprise, all patched.

    its sitting on server 2003 all patched, on a dedicated server.

    its a single server, not front or back end set-up.

    i did have an issue admining the server from my machine, so i have been using mstsc to control and admin the server.

    it sits in a mixed 2k 2003k server domain, all dc’s are global catalogue servers as well. i have had this issue for a while, but its not been an issue as we never used public folders.

    i am logging into the server with an admin account, and can do anything else on the server. i have looked into some solutions on google, but have had no success so far, i hope this is enough info for someone to help me.

    cheers in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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