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    Hey guys, i have a Cisco router 2600 series, and i have fa0/0 with no ip address defined , it has subnets for each vlan in that interface. The router is configured as well as dhcp server giving address in vlan 10. The laptop is connected to port f0/17 that is connected to vlan 10 in a Cisco Switch 3500-XL that is in trunk mode connected in port f0/1 to f0/0 of cisco router. The laptop get ip adresses with no problem ip add . GW and dns On the cisco router again i have the fa0/1 with the ip addr that connects to my adsl router with ip
    Inside the cisco router i can ping the adsl router but cannot ping an ip address of the internet. In the laptop i can ping that belongs to fa0/1 interface of the cisco router but cannot ping that ip the ip of the adsl router. What is missing here?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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