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Can only run programs is set as a local administrator

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    I have just set up 20 XPP laptops all identically imaged as I have done for years.

    I add them to the samba domain. Log on as a user with local administrator rights and everything is fine. If I log off and log on as a valid user that does not have any local privillages set then all the icons appear on the desktop but some, not all, just some are greyed out. Right mouse – preferences and the target box is now empty.

    I completely reloaded a couple following the steps I have always and the problem still exists.

    Wondering if it is an ownership problem. I know how to change the ownership of a folder to a user but how do I do a default reset so that all the ownership preferences for all users is returned to the correct setup.

    Any other thoughts as to why I can no longer run programs unless he user is set as a local administrator?

    These are not restricted programs. All have been installed for use by all users and all icons on the desktop are saved in doc and settings/all users/desktop

    Thanks for your time.

    Regards SC

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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