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    We have purchased 250 CAL’s to enable us to use Exchange 2003, Now my understanding is that as we have purchased a CAL for Outlook 2003 we are entitled to install and run Outlook 2003, (we are currently licensed for Office XP)

    My plan is to only update the laptop users to Outlook 2003 to enable them to use RPC over HTTPS instead of burning a VPN license.

    My question is where do we get the license code from, the license code we rec’d with our Exchange Enterprise was for the Exchange software only. It did come with a CD for Outlook 2003 but says “product key required” When i speak to the company i bought it from they said ring Microsoft. When i ring India, they tell me to contact my reseller!!! ARGHHHH

    Has any one ever used a CAL license to install the CAL version of Outlook and how did they get the code.

    any advice appreciated.


    Honda GL1200SEI

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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