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Block MYSpace with Cisco 851?

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    I am looking to block Myspace from a section of our corperate network, we have multiple cisco routers, I want to start with the 851 it handles the section I am working with.

    After reading this posting about the blocking of myspace it appears to be a bigger pain then I thought.

    It says to add a list of IP’s to the outbound packet filter settings, the trouble with that is there are so many IP’s and Proxies etc… all over the net it is impossible to block find them all.

    Can I set the firewall to block some crazy wildcards like *.*myspace*.com, *.*myspace*.net?

    This is a really annoying problem that I want to deal with once and be done with it.

    We also have a Pix 506e, ASA5510, and 2800 series.

    Thanks in advance

    Ben Parker

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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