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    So, it’s my birthday today and I got something I wanted, a Windows 10, 11½” laptop which is exactly what I wanted. It was cheap and, on the plus side, It has 4GB memory (apparently upgradeable to 8GB), a true Celeron (rather than an atom) and the power seems to last forever. However, like I say, it was cheap and that means it has limitations, the main one being a 32GB eMMC drive.

    I realise there is no way that drive can be upgraded however the machine does have a USB port in the back and, conveniently, I have a low profile, 64GB USB drive I could plug into it. So, my question is how can I use that most effectively? An obvious use is to use the USB for data (or potentially as a mountpoint?) but I wondered if there was anything else I could do? Also, if any of this is workable, any pointers?

    I would like to upgrade it to W10 pro but right now, with only 13GB space left, that’s not really a goer.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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