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    As is widely known, the growth of Data in the present age of Information Technology is immense and overwhelming. The problem of storing such quantities of data is a major research ground for enthusiasts today and owing to their consistent efforts over the last decade, the solution of Cloud as a service was devised. Cloud storage enables users to store huge amounts of data remotely and without the ownership of any hardware units. Imagine how tedious and expensive it would have been if all firms today had to host their own storage units for data. It not only would have been a huge overhead expense but also would have restricted the company’s data and computing flexibility. So what can cloud services offer me? All cloud services would be fully managed by those specific cloud computing vendors. This is true when it comes to most cloud computing services like cloud hosting, cloud monitoring, cloud migration, and even most cloud transfer services.

    So what makes cloud services useful amidst this global pandemic?

    The first thing being scalability. A company would not need to invest resources out of pocket or allocate personnel to manage these services.

    This in turn leads to the next thing, lowered costs. These cloud services are often offered on a monthly or yearly subscription. What does that mean? Well for starters you don’t need to pay all those hefty fees for software licenses. Or pay for maintenance. This helps you save money on even the underlying infrastructure

    Beyond all of this, the thing that makes cloud services so valuable. The flexibility! That’s right. Things can be paid for on a demand basis. Once you find that you or your organization no longer need a certain platform or application, you can just cancel which just shuts down that particular service.
    With these benefits, it is no surprise that cloud services are in-demand right now, especially amidst a global pandemic that has all our resources stretched to the maximum.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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