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    My organization is brand new to e-mail encryption. A short time ago our headquarters in another city, which maintains the Exchange servers, mandated that encryption be used for certain classes of information.

    For my little group this generally means sending messages to a single distribution list when client information need to be sent to headquarters. Since failing to encrypt one of these e-mails will get you in trouble, users have asked for two features:

    1) The ability to set a rule or do something so that e-mails sent to the distribution list in questions – which isn’t really used for anything else – are automatically encrypted. Failing that, they’d like…

    2) Some kind of visual indicator within a message (or reply) you are sending to show that it is encrypted. We’re all typically doing three or four things at once, and people get interrupted by phone calls or visitors all the time while composing e-mails. Because of the dire consequences of sending client data unencrypted, they find themselves repeatedly going into options to make sure encryption is set before hitting “send” – and then getting another phone call, and by the time they hang up no longer being sure that the set encryption. It would be nice to have something on-screen in the create message window to show that encryption has been set.

    Since we don’t “do” Exchange at the level of my office I have no references. Queries along these lines tend to take a long time to wend their way through the innards of HQ, so I’m hoping I’ll get an answer sooner from complete strangers. :)

    Just discovered this site today, and I can see I’ll be using it a lot. Really a great resource.



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