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    We have an issue when creating PDF/A’s from existing PDF documents.

    We create several documents using MS-Word, Excel, CAD applications etc. When then create PDF’s by either using the built-in PDF export/save as function (e.g. within Word 2013), or we use CutePDF Writer which is used as a PDF ‘printer’.

    The PDF’s are then merged together using CutePDF Professional. The resulting PDF is fully searchable.

    We then use Adobe Acrobat XI to convert the PDF to a PDF/A standard file.

    After doing this, although the file looks fine, the document is not searchable which defeats the point of creating an archival version of the file. When you copy text from the PDF and paste it into another document you get garbage: $

    @ . +++
    *:= ;6( )-

    If you try to search, nothing is found because the text is not as shown, but instead comprises the characters seen above.

    Does anyone know how to fix this, please?

    I’ve already asked on Adobe’s forums but have had no response in the month since the question was originally posted.



    I forgot to mention that if we try to use an older version of Acrobat (9), the PDF’s are converted fine – except for one so far!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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