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    I want to consoldiate 2 Windows 2000 servers into 2003. The problem I am having is that the roles these servers have should be split off onto several servers.

    Server 1 – File and Print, plus DC
    Server 2- Mail, SQL, DC, Terminal server

    Both low spec entry level servers

    My instinct is to go

    Server 1 – Mail and SQL (take advantage of fast disks and multi SCSI channels for data and logs)
    Server 2 – File and Print (possible ‘backup’ DC as well although recommended againt)
    Server 3 – Management i.e. Antivirus, DHCP, spam gateway, DNS and DC PDC emulator.
    Server 4 – Terminal Server

    User numbers (near 75 and growing) rules out SBS

    How to justify consolidation process ending up with more servers??!!!

    Best practise dictates that even SQL and Exchange should be separate but that’s just going too far in terms of cost.

    How would you “rearrange” things and still attempt to maintain some sense of good practise?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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