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    I am currently upgrading Exchange servers in my Org from 2000 to 2003, on the path to 2010. One of my Exchange 2000 servers will not uninstall. I am no longer interested in attempting to uninstall it, but instead seeking advice on how to remove it manually from the Org and AD. There is nothing of value left on this system and it will be shut down and disposed of. There are no mailboxes or system folders or RUS or anything. Therefore, what is the proper and cleanest way of removing it from AD and the Org? I have read Q260378 regarding manually uninstalling and Q833396 which includes removing via ADSIedit.

    My general concern is that I don’t really know what I am setting myself up for when it comes to the MS disclaimer regarding the use of the ADSIedit approach: “This method does not perform cleanups of references to the server object outside the server’s own container. We do not recommend that you use this method unless you intend to immediately reinstall the server in the same administrative group. This is because you may have to manually remove or edit many attributes on objects throughout Active Directory.

    Is it likely that deleting the server with ADSIedit will cause problems in the future for my upgrade to Exchange 2010?

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