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    We have a server MyADServer_P02 which is a secondary AD server in our MLB site and is also the DHCP server.

    All of a sudden today, workstations were slowing down, logonscripts would take around 25 minutes to complete, shared network folder access was either not working or taking minutes to access. I worked on checking our two DFS servers on site and could not fault them. I then went to our first AD server, found nothing wrong then the second, MyADServer_P01 and again found no problems. Even the Event Viewer was clean as a whistle.

    However, one of the other AD guys was not succeeding to RDP to the same server. I checked his RDP settings and he was trying to RDP to the console whereas I was RDp’ing to a standard RDP session on the same server.

    I found what seems to be the console session was hung as it did not allow anyone to log on and just gave a grey screen when you tried. Since I had P01 as the other Ad server in the site, I decided to reboot P02 and as soon as it came back up, all users in the company reported that everything was now fixed and working OK.

    I’ve had this issue before where a user was trying to reboot a server from a standard RDP console which normally causes the server to hang that RDP session.

    Can anyone explain why this would have occurred? Thanks.

    P01 & P02 are WinServer 2003 R2 SP2. Workstations are mostly Win7 Enterprise.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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