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    I have a domain where some domain controllers are isolated from eachother by firewalls. In this network I have one primary domain controller wich holds all of the FSMO roles since the domaincontrollers in site A are unable to communicate with domain controllers in site B. And, in this setup only one domaincontroller in site A can replicate changes to the primary domain controller.

    However, when i ran dcpromo to add another domain controller to site A, I got the message that i could not install a domain controller since the RID master was offline. That makes kind of sense, since the subnet the domain controller should be in has no contact to the primary domain controller, only to another domain controller. (And, that one handles the replication to the primary one. )

    Is there any solution to my problem? Can I temporarily transfer the RID master role to a Domain Controller that the new one can access, and then safely transfer the role back to the primary one. Or, do I have to open access to the primary domain controller through the firewall just to run dcpromo? Or, is it some other way to handle this?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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