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    This thread might be better off in the AD section but here goes… One of my clients just recently moved to a new ISP and I reconfigured the new DNS settings into our router. Previously I had the local DNS settings on the AD DC set to its loopback address and all of the PCs pointing to the AD DC IP address of Once I changed the DNS info on our router to reflect the new ISP, Internet access became intermittent. It has been a few days now but I believe I was able to ping out to outside IPs but not their DNS names.

    After troubleshooting a bit, I went to each PC and set everything to DHCP (now receiving DNS from the local router address of The server still has its local static IP address but is getting DNS from the router like all the PCs. Now I am having problems with the PCs losing their connection to the server. Every morning now, all users have to reboot to connect to the server. Also, once logging in, some users have to retype their credentials to connect to their mapped drives…

    Why won’t the new ISP DNS settings on the router work with our old local DNS configuration? Is there a cache somewhere that needs to be purged?

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