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    I have a Cisco 871W.

    How do I accomplish the following configuration:

    NOTE: ISP provides static IP & DNS addresses via Cisco IAD2400.

    I need a wireless VLAN for guests (no wired ports) for internet access only. The router should be a DHCP server for this LAN.

    I need a second VLAN for wireless & at least 1 wired port. The router should be set to DHCP should be turned off for this LAN because our DC is the DHCP. This VLAN also provides internet access. I will also need to setup a port forwarding table on this VLAN for remote users.

    Additionally, I’d like to set a route for guests to access 1 IP ( on the “corporate” LAN.

    NAT should be turned on for both VLAN’s.

    My SDM on this router will not allow me make any edits so I have to telnet into it and use IOS commands.

    Any assistance is appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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