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    Hi Guys,
    Firstly sorry for hijacking your forum post but mine is very similar and I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas:

    Current situation – SBS 2003 std,
    NIC 1 – with DG of router which is used as main NIC for all SBS services, internet access etc to. All client PCs are same subnet range with this as DG
    NIC2 – with no DG, this is used with static routes to send particular traffic over to another router which has specific VPN connections to another company (software links only)

    I have a migration to do to SB2011 STD, and initially the thought was that the new server could be installed on the 131 range and the source server when demoted could still remain as for routing until such time as a permanent solution can be found using hardware routers.

    It sounds like the migration preparation tool will fail – or will it know that there is obviously one main NIC which has proper internet access?

    Also, another, old NIC is disabled but still installed – does the prep tool ignore disabled NICs?

    If this is the case presumably I could disable the NIC2 for such time as it takes the prep tool to run? Any ideas how long this is?

    Does the prep tool make any changes to the networking on the source server – is it likely to break my existing environment by changing routes or disabling the NIC2 (unless I already disable it)

    I know the ideal situation is to remove NIC2 but time is against us and I’d like to be able to get the new server in on the 192.168.131 range and solve the routing issue at a later date – otherwise we may end up having to get a Windows 7 PC with 2 NICs specifically to use as a router – if the routers they have can’t handle it.

    Hope you can help clarify some things – I know preparation is key!

    Many thanks for reading,

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