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    I’m sure there have been many questions about 2003 to 2008 domains but here’s another one. We have two 2003 R2 domain controllers, both are DNS servers and DHCP servers too. We want to add two 2008 R2 domain controllers with DNS and DHCP then demote the two 2003 DC’s and remove DNS and DHCP

    I’ve setup a small test network and have added a 2008 R2 server to the domain and that all works well. The problem is when I look to demote the 2003 server. If I remove AD first, it breaks DNS – even though I also have DNS running on the 2080 R2 box. If I try to remove DNS first, it breaks AD replication. Well in actual fact, the 2008 R2 box can replicate when forced but the 2003 R2 box just errors with a suspected RPC error caused by DNS. Has anyone got the proper list of steps for transferring AD to a 2008 R2 box then removing the old one? Or has anyone experienced the same problem I’m having with DNS and knows how to solve it?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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