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    Hi all,

    i recently installed the free Hyper-V 2012 R2 onto a Microserver (and called it hyperserver).
    The OS went onto a 500gb SSH.
    There is also 4x 2TB of storage in Raid10 giving 3.6TB available.

    In the HP ACU i set the 500gb to the primary boot drive (without it i couldn’t install the OS). I set the storage array to the secondary.

    When i boot into hyper-v it’s obviously only command line based. My knowledge with such is limited.
    When i use my win8.1 laptop to connect to my hyperserver (as that is what i’ll use to manage it) and i’m about to create a VHD, i then become unstuck because i can’t see the storage array at all, only the 500gb C: drive.
    So, i’m thinking i’d need to use diskpart from the command prompt on hyperserver, but when i type diskpart in it returns the usual info about the diskpart version and the computer, but it doesn’t return a prompt cursor for me to start typing. All i can do is ctrl+C to get back to regular cmd prompt.

    Can anyone help please? I’ve no idea what to do from here, so any advice more teccy that what i’ve tried doing already will involve slooow deliberate instructions please.

    Many thanks for any advice offered.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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