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    I’m troubleshooting a user with a mailbox that is 16GB on an Exchange 2010 server. The server is also running SBS 2011 but I think this is purely an Exchange issue but I’m open to suggestions. Outlook is constantly showing response times between 200 – 1000ms. The server side is showing the same:

    In the above picture the first two entries are for the mailbox with the issues and the next two are for the second largest mailbox.

    So far I’ve tried to make sure all folders have less than 2k items. I’ve cleaned out the old calendar items (+5k to < 500) and the sent items (20k to 2k) but that didn't have any effect on performance. There are lots of large emails, up to 80MB. My plan is to export his entire mailbox and slowly add back what he needs. But the reason I’m posting is that, even though the user’s mailbox is huge, the server is has a nice SAS 15k RPM RAID5 array that the database is on, 8GB of RAM (maybe a bit low), and only 10 users. All the other users have no issues except for one user that experiences slowness every once in awhile and that user also has a 14GB mailbox. So it seems like there’s something wrong with this particular user’s mailbox. I did run ISInteg against the mailbox but there were not errors. Is there anything I can do pinpoint the issue? Any other troubleshooting steps recommended?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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