Unlocking MSP Security Secrets: Shifting Customer Conversations for Maximum Impact!

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  • Unlocking MSP Security Secrets: Shifting Customer Conversations for Maximum Impact!


Discover the secrets of transforming security from a cost center to a value driver with Harpreet Duggal, the Global Head of Product & Enterprise Marketing at SkyKick. We learn how SkyKick is helping its 30,000 M365 cloud partners to navigate the security space. Gain exclusive insights on how MSPs can shift customer conversations to highlight the true value of security services. Plus, find out how one MSP in Australia managed to get 80% of its customers on board with a security package. Stay tuned for this enlightening interview!

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How SkyKick helps MSPs with security: SkyKick is a company that provides cloud solutions for Microsoft 365 partners, including security services that help MSPs engage and monetize their customers.

The challenges of selling security to SMBs: Many SMBs do not see the value of investing in security, or they think they are not a target for cyberattacks. MSPs often struggle to have a data-driven and consultative conversation with their customers, and to demonstrate their expertise and delivery capacity.

The benefits of using SkyKick’s Security Navigator: Security Navigator is a feature of SkyKick’s Security Manager that helps MSPs identify and monetize security opportunities for each customer. It provides a personalized and industry-specific report that shows the customer’s security score, gaps, and recommendations, and maps them to Microsoft’s best practices and local standards. It also enables MSPs to easily remediate the issues with pre-built automations.

The difference between SkyKick and Microsoft Copilot: Copilot is a Microsoft tool that uses AI to assist engineers with security discovery, but not remediation. It is more expensive and complex than SkyKick, and it is not designed for MSPs. SkyKick is more partner-centric, simpler, and more comprehensive, as it covers both engagement and delivery aspects of security.