Nt Migration to AD 2003

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    Hi All,

    Is there anyone who perform NT Migration before. I have NT domain SP6 high encrption and Windows 2003 domain with Native mode.

    I know there is an documentation in this site explaining steps in general. My question is about migrating member server in Nt domain. Before migration i created a trust relation with SID history enable option. and migrated user and group first. and by the tuime i ve done the changes ( registry, addin domain admin to another administratior, enabling auditing etc. ). if i chose the add option in the security trans;ation section, there is going to be double entries in ACL list after migration. If i chose just replace there is only one entry. if i break the rust , migrated user are able to acces the share on migrated member server.

    my questionss:
    1-) which one i should be chosing, add or replace,
    2-) how can i clean what is called SID history attribute. I think i need clean it. i like to know that this SID history attribute is due to trust relatih with sid history enabled or due to security analyzer in admt tool.

    thanks in advance.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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