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    Hello everyone,
    First of all I hope this is the right forum, could not see one that is more appropriate for this kind of thread.
    I just got released off the army (I live in Israel) and now it’s the right time for me to start doing my way into the IT field which I always felt like i need to be in :idea:.
    I have a several years of experience with computers, mainly the hardware part of assembling computers up, nothing more than that really (well, the regular basics…).
    I am kinda confused, and not sure how things works, where to start, which path to go… networking, security, web devlopment, 3d moduling, etc etc… so many different directions… I am 21 years old and I don’t want things to get late for me as I am not experienced and want to start studying A.S.A.P…
    I just hope I didn’t get you more confused than I am :-x, would like to hear your comments and of course I will reply to them and I might end this with knowing what I am going to do.
    P.S, I intentionally mentioned that I am from Israel, maybe things “works” differently around here, that’s something I am not sure of either.

    Thank you very much, for now.

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