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    I’m trying to use the New-InboxRule to make emails that contain a specific word in the subject get moved to the users Junk E-mail folder. While I want a script to apply this to all users, I’d like to make it work for just one first.

    I though the command to use would be of these, but either does not run and puts me at a >> prompt.

    New-InboxRule -name “SPAM” -Mailbox “John Doe” -MoveToFolder”John DoeJunk E-Mail” -SubjectContainsWords “***SPAM***”
    New-InboxRule -name “SPAM” -Mailbox [email protected] -MoveToFolder”[email protected] E-Mail” -SubjectContainsWords “***SPAM***”

    Please help me to stop punding my head on the desk :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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