Microsoft Teams’ New Presenter Window Elevates Virtual Meetings

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Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft Teams has introduced enhanced Presenter window features for improved meeting interaction.
  • Meeting notifications are now prominently displayed at the center of the screen.
  • Users have enhanced control and flexibility with the ability to manage meeting options directly from the Presenter window.

Microsoft Teams meetings are about to get a lot more interactive with the latest enhancements to the Presenter window. Now, users can effortlessly keep track of up to four participants, active speakers, raised hands, and shared content previews.

In Microsoft Teams, the extended Presenter window enables users to view meeting notifications at the center of the screen. This feature makes it easier for presenters to monitor the participants’ activity during Teams meetings.

“These enhancements help you stay aware of what’s happening in your meeting and make it easier to engage with other attendees while you’re screensharing. You can also manage actions in your meeting such as lowering raised hands and muting participants,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft Teams' New Presenter Window Elevates Virtual Meetings
Expanded Presenter window (Image Credits: Microsoft)

How the new Presenter window works in Microsoft Teams

  • Join a Microsoft Teams meeting and click Share > Screen or Window.
  • Microsoft Teams users will notice that the new Presenter window now shows up to 4 participants. This new Presenter window can be moved around on the screen as well as minimized or resized.
  • Users can click the arrow button to expand the self-video title at the bottom of the Presenter window.
  • The self-video tile also allows users to change the presenter layout during the screen sharing session.

Microsoft is currently rolling out the new Presenter window experience to Targeted release customers and users enrolled in the Teams public preview program. It’s up to the IT admins to give access to select end users or the entire organization through the Microsoft 365 admin center.

As of this writing, this feature supports the new Teams client for Windows and macOS. The new Presenter window is expected to become generally available for all commercial customers in mid-June.

Last month, Microsoft announced the general availability of the new Planner experience in Teams. This new Planner app combines task management and planning tools, including Microsoft Planner, To Do, and the Project web app.