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    Hi, there are many reports of an identical problem; no solution except complete reinstall. I want to suggest an area to look at, but need help for resolution…:-D

    Failure to install this blocks Vista SP2.

    The hotfix stops at about 90% (progress bar).
    With a dual CPU, one CPU then runs at near 100%.
    The hotfix never completes: only way out- kill the task- restart PC.

    Using Sysinternals Process Monitor I note it is endlessly trying to read
    – no more files

    This suggests:
    a. Something is missing from that folder
    b. The hotfix is buggy- it can’t cope with that – infinite loop

    Can anyone who has successfully installed this tell me what should be in that folder, and ideally let me have a copy?

    SFC /Scannow is no help here, and Vista does not support ‘repair install’.

    Others have found uninstalling SP1 and proceeding from there fixes this.
    My PC came with that preinstalled, so I have no way to uninstall it.

    Attempts to report this to MS via the free Windows update support, or to HP, have so far been futile.

    Maybe an MS MVP can help- it’s affecting quite a few people aas a quick search shows.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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