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Paul Thurrott's Short Takes: Microsoft Earnings Special Edition

Because Microsoft announced its most recent quarterly earnings this week, this edition of Short Takes is going to obsess over the results, with a deeper dive into key parts of the business.

Jan 31, 2020|Paul Thurrott

Paul Thurrott's Short Takes: January 17

Because it’s been a while, this edition of Short Takes looks at Microsoft’s new carbon-negative push, thanking the NSA for finding a serious Windows 10 flaw, Microsoft’s new Edge browser, a new Walkie-Talkie feature coming to Teams, and much, much more.

Jan 17, 2020|Paul Thurrott

Windows 7 Support Ends Today But You Probably Aren’t Impacted By This

Today is the day that many have likely feared for years, Windows 7 is officially reaching its end of support today. What this means is that starting tomorrow, if a vulnerability is discovered, Microsoft likely won’t patch it (for free) and your device will now be exposed.

Jan 14, 2020|Brad Sams

What's in Store for Windows in 2020

Windows 7 reaches end-of-life, Microsoft throws Windows a lifeline with Windows 10X, Windows 10 gets another major feature update, and Windows Server continues to support Azure.

Jan 13, 2020|Russell Smith

Paul Thurrott's Short Takes: December 20

Because the year is winding down, this edition of Short...

Dec 20, 2019|Paul Thurrott

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