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M365 Changelog: (Updated) A new, improved user experience for sharing cloud file links in Outlook Web

MC397994 – Updated July 20, 2022: Microsoft has updated the...

Jul 20, 2022 | Rabia Noureen

M365 Changelog: OneDrive/SharePoint - Review mode for Word documents

MC402119 – What is Review mode? When you open a...

Jul 19, 2022 | Rabia Noureen

M365 Changelog: Generate Practice Quiz in OneNote for Windows 10

MC399861 – In order to continue delivering the best Math...

Jul 12, 2022 | Rabia Noureen

M365 Changelog: TeamSnap Integration for Outlook Web is being retired

MC399489 – Microsoft will be retiring the feature from Outlook...

Jul 11, 2022 | Rabia Noureen

M365 Changelog: (Updated) Stream on SharePoint: Inline playback of videos in Hero web part

MC394844 – Updated June 30, 2022: Microsoft has updated the content...

Jun 30, 2022 | Rabia Noureen

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