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Tony Redmond has written thousands of articles about Microsoft technology since 1996. He covers Office 365 and associated technologies for and is also the lead author for the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook, updated monthly to keep pace with change in the cloud.


How to Block Email Forwarding in Exchange Online

Last Update: Aug 22, 2023

The first article in this series discussed how to remove the ability of OWA users to create autoforwarding addresses. This does a lot to stop the forwarding of email outside an organization, but OWA is only one part of the problem. We also need to deal with the other ways that messages can be automatically…

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Interpreting the Office 365 MailItemsAccessed Audit Event

Last Update: Aug 22, 2023

If you have Office 365 E5 licenses, your mailboxes generate MailItemsAccessed events. These events are stored in the Office 365 audit log and can be used for investigating potentially compromised mailboxes. Useful information is in the audit events, but some processing is needed to extract the full benefit. Here’s how to do it with PowerShell.

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Identifying Obsolete Guest User Accounts in an Office 365 Tenant

Last Update: Aug 22, 2023

Many Office 365 applications now create Azure Active Directory guest accounts. What’s the best way to discover if the accounts are active and in use? This PowerShell script uses the Office 365 audit log and message trace data to figure out what guest accounts are active and outputs a CSV file for your review and analysis. Like any other PowerShell script, it can be adapted to suit your purposes.

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Office 365 Mailbox Quotas Swelling to 100 GB

Last Update: Aug 07, 2023

Microsoft is increasing the default mailbox quota for the Office 365 E3 and E5 plans to 100 GB. That’s quite a lot of space to fill, but Microsoft has good reasons for upping the limit.

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Analyzing Azure Active Directory Sign-In Data with PowerShell

Last Update: Jul 17, 2023

AzureADPreview Module Gives Insight into Sign-in Data The Azure Active Directory (recently renamed Microsoft Entra ID) PowerShell module (now renamed the Azure Active Directory PowerShell for Graph module) comes in two versions. The general availability version is intended for production while the preview version (AzureADPreview) contains the cmdlets from the general availability version plus some…

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Exchange Online Provides Archive Folders to Users. Good or Bad Idea?

Last Update: Jul 07, 2023

Exchange Online now boasts an “archive folder”, helpfully furnished to allow users to keep items they need to retain. Unless they have an archive mailbox. Or use Outlook auto-archive. It’s just a tad confusing.

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Checking Office 365 Group Membership with Azure AD Access Reviews

Last Update: Jul 05, 2023

A new premium Azure Active Directory feature allows you to force group owners to certify that external members should have continued access. Given that Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams now both support guest users, it is wise to check on who can access what from time to time. Whether you will want to pay extra for such a feature is quite another matter!

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Microsoft Lists and the Curious Case of Project Osaka

Last Update: Mar 20, 2023

Smart Information Tracking On July 28, Microsoft said that Microsoft Lists, described as a “smart information tracking app in Microsoft 365,” began rolling out to targeted release tenants with the aim of completing this phase of the deployment by the end of August. The deployment covers business customers for now, but full deployment is expected…

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Good News for Office 365 as Microsoft Acquires FSLogix

Last Update: Mar 09, 2023

Microsoft announced on November 19 that they had acquired FSLogix, a developer of software aimed at easing the pains of VDI deployments. The news is good for Office 365 tenants because if there’s one suite that needs to have some VDI pain eased, it’s Office 365.

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Using Office 365 IM Conversation Records for eDiscovery

Last Update: Dec 23, 2022

Teams and Skype for Business Online both capture IM conversation records that can be found by Office 365 eDiscovery (content) searches. All of which is good, but if you ever get around to performing eDiscovery and need this information, you’ll find that Skype for Business Online conversation transcripts are easier to use than the individual copies of conversation contributions captured by Teams.

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