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Tony Redmond has written thousands of articles about Microsoft technology since 1996. He covers Office 365 and associated technologies for and is also the lead author for the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook, updated monthly to keep pace with change in the cloud.


External Access for Office 365 Groups

Microsoft has put a huge amount of emphasis on Office 365 Groups as the basis for team-based collaboration for its cloud service. Collaboration often requires input from external people and that hasn’t been possible until now. The announcement of external user support for Office 365 Groups is welcome, even if it is restricted in part.

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Moving Legacy Archives to Office 365 Is Painful

Migration of legacy archives like Enterprise Vault are often left as the last part of the journey from on-premises servers to Office 365. A wide range of third-party migration tools are available, but many complex twists and turns await the unwary as they cope with journal reports, archive mailboxes, splitting and explosions, and the sheer amount of data to be migrated. It’s an interesting problem to solve.

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Why an Office 365 Connector Generates Multiple SendAs Audit Events

Office 365 Connectors allow data drawn from multiple internet sources like Twitter to be imported into Office 365. This article explains why imported tweets result in multiple SendAs events logged in the Office 365 Audit log.

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DIY PST Imports Using Azure Blob Storage

The Office 365 Import Service does a good job of “bringing data home” by ingesting PST files and other data into Exchange Online mailboxes and SharePoint Online libraries. But sometimes you just want to do your own thing – and you can with the New-MailboxImportRequest cmdlet.

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Outlook for iOS & Android Is Dumping AWS and Heading for an All-Microsoft Infrastructure in Q3

By the time Microsoft Ignite happens in September 2016, the Outlook app for iOS and Android will have an all-Microsoft infrastructure. The Amazon-based cache is being replaced by a new architecture that is shared by Exchange Online, Exchange on-premises and non-Microsoft email servers like Gmail. It’s a big change and it’s happening now.

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