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M365 Changelog: Update: Suggested Replies - Outlook for Office

MC301300 – Updated February 15, 2022: Microsoft has updated the...

Mar 8, 2022|Petri Staff

M365 Changelog: Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Update to Quarantine notification default logo

MC339114 – Microsoft is updating the default logo within the...

Mar 5, 2022|Petri Staff

M365 Changelog: Microsoft defender for office 365: Quarantine support for shared mailboxes

MC337957 – To make managing the quarantine for shared mailboxes...

Mar 3, 2022|Petri Staff

M365 Changelog: updates

MC295863 – Updated March 01, 2022: Microsoft has updated the...

Mar 2, 2022|Petri Staff

OneDrive Sync Support Now Generally Available for Apple M1 Macs

Microsoft announced today that its OneDrive sync client for Mac...

Feb 28, 2022|Rabia Noureen

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