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Patch Tuesday November 2019

This month sees Microsoft patch a zero-day in IE, a security advisory for TPMs, and release the Windows 10 November 2019 Update for seekers.

Nov 14, 2019|Russell Smith

Paul Thurrott's Short Takes: Ignite 2019 Special Edition

Because this is the best reason to go to Florida, this special edition of Short Takes looks at the biggest announcements from Microsoft Ignite 2019.

Nov 8, 2019|Paul Thurrott

Microsoft’s New Browser Ships in January with New Icon and More Privacy

Microsoft's new Edge browser is nearly complete and the company is introducing a new icon and privacy features with the impeding release.

Nov 4, 2019|Brad Sams

Paul Thurrott's Short Takes: Microsoft Earnings Special Edition

Because it’s that time of the quarter, this edition of Short Takes looks solely at Microsoft’s quarterly earnings report, which was huge for Commercial Cloud, Microsoft 365, and Windows, and not so much for Surface and Xbox. Right. Nothing changed.

Oct 25, 2019|Paul Thurrott

Three Ways to Extend Windows 7 Security Updates

If you find that you need updates for Windows 7 after January 2020, here are the three options that Microsoft offers to keep your devices secure.

Aug 28, 2019|Brad Sams

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