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Microsoft Unveils SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

In the world of Microsoft, everything is cloud, cloud, cloud, but the reality is that many operations are still using racks locally or more than likely, in some sort of hybrid configuration. And especially for companies that have been around for a decade or more, there is a good chance that you are running a...


Everything you need to know about SharePoint – November 2018

Looking for everything announced in the month of November for SharePoint? Shane has you covered.

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SharePoint Best Intentions – Planning versus Reality

If you are thinking about updating to SharePoint 2019, it’s time to take a serious look at how upgrades work in the real world.

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How to Dig Deeper Into Your SharePoint Farm

Want to learn the clean and pretty ways to dig into your SharePoint farm? Here’s an easy to follow guide to get the process started.

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5 Things You Can Do to Prepare for your SharePoint 2019 Migration

Upgrading, even for the best of environments, always has a surprise or two in store, even for the most vigilant admin. Getting a good idea what’s going on in your farm right now is one of the best things you can do to improve your changes of a successful, less stressful upgrade when SharePoint 2019 comes around.

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Continuing the SharePoint Migration Journey – Site Collections

SharePoint migration can be a daunting task but if you follow Shane’s guidance, the process can be significantly more manageable.

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SharePoint — Who’s In and Who’s out?

In the past, SharePoint administrators were forced to employ some ugly methods to get where our users wanted SharePoint to be.

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Feature Pack 2 for SharePoint Server 2016 Has Been Released

Feature Pack 2 for SharePoint Server 2016 is now available and it includes support for SharePoint Framework-based custom web parts that have previously only been available in SharePoint Online as part of Office 365.

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Managing State in the SharePoint Framework Using Redux

Learn to manage state in the SharePoint framework using React and Redux, including the creation of a client web part.

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Parent-Child Components with ReactJS and SharePoint Framework

Scot Hillier continues this series on CRUDSheet web parts created in the SharePoint Framework, including the components that make up the project.

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