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The Ultimate Guide to Installing OpenSSH on Windows

Last Update: Jun 20, 2022

As a seasoned, or even new IT Pro, you’re likely an avid user of Putty, using secure shell (SSH) to connect to Unix/Linux servers, computers, and even Windows machines for an efficient and secure remote command-line experience. Well, did you know Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows Server 2019 (and Windows Server 2022) include an…

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Windows Server 1 Hero Approved

Latest Windows Server 2022 Update Brings Support for WSL 2 Linux Distributions

Microsoft has announced the release of Windows Server 2022 build 20348.740. Earlier this week, Microsoft’s Program Manager Craig Loew confirmed on GitHub that the latest update now allows users to run Linux distributions based on WSL 2 in Windows Server 2022. “Hi folks, we’ve added support for WSL 2 distros on Windows Server 2022! This…

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How to Upgrade from Windows Server 2019 Core to Windows Server 2022 Core

Last Update: Mar 29, 2022

Continuing my mini-series on providing IT Pros valuable assistance and guides moving their workloads, roles, and Server-based applications to Windows Server 2022, here is my guide to upgrading, in-place, from Windows Server 2019 ‘Core’ to Windows Server 2022 ‘Core.’ Thankfully, the overall setup routine is similar to using the GUI (Desktop Experience) in Windows Server….

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How to Install Windows Server 2022 Core

Last Update: Mar 29, 2022

In this post, I will demonstrate how to install Windows Server 2022 the way Microsoft recommends… using the ‘Server Core’ option. Yes, by default, this is the default installation choice. You should install Windows Server 2022 using the Server Core option whenever possible. Windows Server 2022 contains new features and it is the most secure…

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How to Install Windows Server 2022 Step by Step

What Is Windows Server 2022? Windows Server 2022 is Microsoft’s latest version of Windows Server in the Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC). They release new versions on this channel about every three years or so. The most recent version before Windows Server 2022 was Windows Server 2019. These releases receive ten full years of technical support…

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Windows Server 2022 Series – Upgrading DC from 2016 to 2022

Last Update: Mar 22, 2022

Introduction All right, folks. This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m kicking off my series to upgrade my Hyper-V lab running Active Directory Domain Services. I’ll be performing in-place upgrades from Windows Server 2016/2019 to Windows Server 2022! I’ll also have some posts on updating the other member servers,…

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Microsoft Acknowledges New Netlogon Issues On Windows Server Machines

Microsoft has acknowledged a new Windows Server bug that prevents select apps or network drives from establishing secure Netlogon channel connections. The company confirmed on the Windows health dashboard that this problem is caused by the January Patch Tuesday updates. And it impacts all supported versions of Windows Server (via Bleeping Computer). What Is NetLogon?…

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Microsoft Adds Hotpatching Support to Windows Server 2022 Azure Edition

Microsoft has announced that hot patching support is now generally available for Windows Server 2022 Azure Edition. The new hotpatch capability in Azure Automanage allows IT Admins to quickly deploy security updates on Windows Server virtual machines without frequent reboots. The hotpatching support brings a bunch of benefits for Windows Server 2022 Azure Edition customers,…

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Microsoft Brings HTTP/3 via Windows Server 2022 to Exchange Online

One of the most important infrastructure features Microsoft released with the recent Windows Server 2022 is HTTP/3. Since hitting the ‘General Availability’ milestone this past September, the Windows Server team has partnered with the Microsoft 365 team in starting a phased upgrade of the front-end Exchange Online servers with Windows Server 2022. Microsoft started with…

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How to Join Windows Server 2022 Core to Active Directory

In this post, I will show you how to join Windows Server 2022 Core to an Active Directory (AD) domain. So, if you are you looking for more wholesome Windows Server 2022 goodness, you came to the right place! Joining Windows Server Core to an Active Directory domain lets you manage the security of the…

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