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Microsoft Debuts New AI Platform in Windows 10

Microsoft is building a new AI platform for Windows 10 that the company hopes developers will use to make their applications, smarter.

Mar 7, 2018|Brad Sams

Paul Thurrott's Short Takes: February 23

Because he started it, this edition of Short Takes looks at HP's PC resurgence, Intel's next mobile setback, Always Connected PCs, the limits of Windows 10 on ARM, and much more.

Feb 23, 2018|Paul Thurrott

Paul Thurrott's Short Takes: February 16

Because it was 62 degrees yesterday but it will still snow tomorrow, this edition of Short Takes looks at 5 years of Surface Pro, an unfixable Skype bug that was already fixed, Amazon v. Microsoft, and so much more.

Feb 16, 2018|Paul Thurrott

Microsoft's Bringing Windows Defender ATP to Windows 7

Microsoft is expanding the reach of ATP and will soon offer it for users of Windows 7 but only if you are also running Windows 10.

Feb 12, 2018|Brad Sams

How Does the Windows 10 Subsystem for Linux Work and What Is It For?

In this Ask the Admin, I’ll look at what you can do with Bash and the Windows Subsystem for Linux in Windows 10 and Windows Server 1709.

Feb 12, 2018|Russell Smith

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