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Google I/O conference 2023

Google Announces Duet AI But Can It Compete with Microsoft 365 Copilot?

Google shows off its competitor to Microsoft 365 Copilot, Duet AI, at its I/O conference this week. I look at what Google announced and what Microsoft also revealed about its own AI tech recently as it enters wider testing. More Google I/O news on Petri: Google Introduces Duet AI With Generative AI Features for Workspace...


google workspace

Google Workspace Gets 20% More Expensive for Monthly Subscribers

Last month, Google unveiled some important pricing changes for Google Workspace customers. The company announced this week that it’s increasing the monthly cost of several Google Workspace offerings this week. Steve Holt, Vice President for Google Workspace, penned a lengthy blog post to justify the price hike impacting multiple Workspace tiers. The pricing update follows…

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microsoft 365 hero approved

Collaborating with Microsoft 365: File Sharing, Real-Time Co-Authoring, and Microsoft Loop Components

Microsoft 365 includes powerful collaboration features that allow teams to work on and share Office documents more easily than ever before. But do you understand how file sharing works within Microsoft 365 and how to manage and secure your files?  In this article, we’ll take you through the basics of file sharing and collaboration in Microsoft…

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Cloud Computing

What is ClickUp?

Last Update: Dec 20, 2022

ClickUp is a cloud-based project management tool that provides various collaboration features. In this article, we’ll explain how ClickUp works and how it can help organizations of all sizes to improve how they operate with a full-featured project management platform. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has pushed businesses all over the world to look for better…

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Notion hero image

What Is Notion? A Guide For Beginners

Notion is a cloud-based productivity and collaboration all in-one workspace tool. In this article, I’ll answer the question ‘what is Notion?’ and provide some examples of how it can be used for productivity, real-time collaboration, and project management in your organization. Notion allows small teams of people to work together in real-time on documents, tasks, notes,…

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