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3CX Full Contact Center Solution Adds Voice, Text, and Live Chat

The number of phone calls we make has been decreasing globally over the past several years. And there is a growing trend in using text-based messaging solutions, like WhatsApp, for contacting sales and support teams. This post is sponsored by 3CX Omnichannel is a term used within eCommerce and retail to define a business strategy...

Last Update: Apr 16, 2024


Zoom video calls

Zoom Adds New Email and Calendar Products to Improve Collaboration

Zoom has announced the release of the beta version of its mail and calendar services. Zoom Mail and Zoom Calendar are baked into the Zoom desktop client, which eliminates the need to switch between different applications. “These new products work together with the communication and collaboration offerings already available within Zoom Meetings, Phone, Whiteboard, and…

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Microsoft Outlook

Getting Started with hMailServer

hMailServer is a free email server for organizations, businesses, and individuals which is easy to install and simple to use. Find out how to install and configure hMailServer in this overview. What is hMailServer? Have you ever wondered if there were any decent alternatives to Microsoft Exchange as your mail server? Well, there is! hMailServer…

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Latest Skype Update Brings New Zoom-In Feature, View Switcher Option For Meetings

Microsoft has announced the release of a new Skype update, which brings several new platform-specific functionalities. The biggest addition is a “Zoom-In” feature for video meetings that lets users quickly zoom in with their mouse or handy controls on the shared screen. The Zoom-In feature aims to improve the screen-sharing experience in the app by…

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Rich in Microsoft History, Salesforce to Acquire Slack

SalesForce has announced that it will be buying Slack for $27.7 billion – a 28x Net Twelve Months Revenue. To do this, Salesforce will be paying $26.79 in cash + 0.0776 shares of common stock for each share of Slack.

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Paul Thurrott’s Short Takes: September 6

Because summer ends when I say it ends, this edition of Short Takes looks at Slack and its inability to turn a profit, Microsoft testing 5G game streaming in Korea, deep fake videos, mega-yachts, and Window 10 update quality, and so much more.

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Microsoft’s Ending Support For Classic Skype on September 1st, 2018

Microsoft will retire classic Skype in September of 2018 with the company pushing desktop users to version 8.0

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Paul Thurrott’s Short Takes: January 19

Because baby it’s cold outside, this edition of Short Takes looks at Surface Book 2 market expansion, IBM revenue growth, Apple’s $350 billion “contribution,” new tech industry corporate headquarters, and much more.

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It’s Official: Skype For Business Sidelined in Favor of Teams

Microsoft has made the news official, Skype for Business will be going away and Teams is the new future for communication.

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G Suite Appointment Slots

Office 365 users and admins might not be familiar with appointment slots but as with most things G Suite, it is a well-implemented feature that can be mastered in minutes.

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