Microsoft to Reportedly Announce ChatGPT-Like Tools for Office Apps in March

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Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI may soon accelerate with new ChatGPT-like tools coming to Office. According to The Verge, Microsoft may announce new AI-powered capabilities for Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook in March this year.

Until now, Microsoft has remained tight-lipped about the new ChatGPT-like features coming to its core Office apps. However, Microsoft’s engineers have been reportedly working to develop tailored AI tools for writing emails and documents for over a year. Microsoft has recently announced a new feature that leverages the Azure OpenAI Service and GPT to generate e-mail responses to customer questions.

According to The Verge, Microsoft Office users will be able to use the Prometheus Model and ChatGPT to generate text with simple prompts. Moreover, Microsoft could integrate the technology to improve search results in Outlook inboxes. Microsoft PowerPoint is also getting a new feature that will let users generate graphics and graphs in presentations.

This news comes a few days after Microsoft announced its new AI-powered Bing search engine and Edge browser. The latest version of Microsoft Bing leverages a next-generation language model to make the search experience more intuitive for users. For now, Microsoft has made the new Bing available in a limited preview, and more than 1 million users have signed up to join the waitlist in 48 hours.

Microsoft to Reportedly Unveil ChatGPT-Like Tools for Office Apps in March
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New ChatGPT-powered Microsoft Office features to boost productivity

Interestingly, Microsoft believes that it’s far ahead of Google in terms of its AI technology. “Internally, a number of Microsoft executives are confident they’re way ahead of Google with Bing AI and the upcoming integration into productivity apps. But they’re also wary, warning employees to watch out for rivals trying to disrupt their productivity businesses in the same way Microsoft is attempting to disrupt Google’s search business,” The Verge wrote.

Overall, the integration of the ChatGPT-like features into Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint is a part of Microsoft’s efforts to modernize its Office productivity suite. These capabilities should help employees to perform tasks more quickly and efficiently. Do you think the new AI tools will help you to be more productive? Sound off in the comments section below.