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Microsoft Lists: A New Task Tracking App for Microsoft 365

by Brad Sams

In the Microsoft portfolio, the company has several planning applications including To Do, Planner, Tasks, and previously Wunderlist. At Build 2020, they are announcing other list-style application called Microsoft Lists. Lists, as the name implies, is designed to help you manage information and organize your tasks. The app has several different access points including web,… Read More

Inconsistencies in Microsoft 365 Licensing for Security and Compliance

with 1 Comment by Tony Redmond

The new licensing guidance for Microsoft 365 security and compliance features is welcome, but as is probably inevitable, some inconsistencies exist that need to be probed and discussed, and hopefully resolved by Microsoft in the long run. Why do DLP policies for Teams need E5 licenses? Why does applying a default retention label to a SharePoint library need E5? There's lots to discuss about issues Microsoft should fix.