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Is Outlook for Android and iOS free?

by Michael Reinders

Outlook for Android and iOS is free to download, but using some of its features can incur a monthly fee. Learn how to use Outlook without a fee. What is Outlook? Outlook is Microsoft's mobile email app for Android and iOS platform devices. It allows you to access both personal email accounts (,,,… Read More

What’s New in Microsoft Teams – December 2021

by Rabia Noureen

Microsoft has published a monthly round-up of all the features added to its Teams collaboration service in December 2021. This time around, the biggest improvements include End-to-end encryption (E2EE) support, Teams Rooms updates, a new SIP Gateway service, Teams-certified devices, and much more. New features for Microsoft Teams meetings First up, Microsoft has made some… Read More

Top Petri News Posts of 2021

by Rabia Noureen

Microsoft unveiled a slew of new consumer and enterprise-focused products and services in 2021. It’s been a big year for the company with the most significant announcements such as Windows 11, Teams 2.0, a new Visio web app, and an affordable Windows on Arm development kit. Here’s a look at everything you need to know.… Read More

Petri is Looking for Writers

by Russell Smith

The Petri IT Knowledgebase is looking for writers! Petri is a leading site providing IT professionals with tutorials, news, and advice on how to work with Microsoft enterprise technologies. The editorial team is looking for content creators and IT professionals in the field who would like to help others by contributing their knowledge in the… Read More

Researchers Discover Four New Security Flaws Affecting Microsoft Teams

by Rabia Noureen

Security researchers have revealed several new security flaws impacting the “link preview” feature in Microsoft Teams. The cybersecurity company Positive Security discovered four separate vulnerabilities in the feature back in March 2021, which can be exploited by attackers to leak victims' IP addresses, spoof link previews, and launch denial of service (DoS) attacks targeting Android… Read More

Microsoft Teams Rolls Out CART Captioning Support For Meetings To GCC Customers

by Rabia Noureen

Microsoft has started rolling out CART captioning support to its Teams collaboration platform, allowing meeting participants to view real-time captions coming from a certified third-party provider. This new capability is one of the top requested features by users and is a great alternative to existing AI-powered live captions available in Teams. “CART (Communication Access Realtime… Read More