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Choosing between Virtual Private Network and Zero Trust Remote Access Solutions

As we enter a time of crisis that will see a significant number of employees asked to work from home, organizations need to provide effective but secure remote access to corporate resources. The tried and tested virtual private network (VPN) might seem like the obvious choice. But so called 'zero trust' is gaining popularity and could surpass traditional VPN access.

Last Update: Nov 11, 2022


WireGuard VPN Gets Port to Windows Kernel but Don’t Run Out to Replace IPsec or OpenVPN

WireGuard is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) protocol that was first developed in 2016 by security researcher Jason A. Donenfeld. It was originally conceived for Linux. And as of kernel version 5.6, which was released in March 2020, WireGuard is integrated into Linux. Designed to be a lightweight alternative to VPN protocols like IKEv2, OpenVPN,…

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Microsoft Tunnel Makes Connecting to Corporate Apps Easier from Android and iOS

First announced at Ignite in September 2020, Microsoft Tunnel Gateway provides access to on-premises corporate resources from Android and iOS devices.

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Microsoft’s RemoteWebAccess Site Goes Down Because DNS is Hard

Microsoft is feeling that sting today as its website, has been dealing with DNS related challenges for more than 12 hours.

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How to Manage Connections with Remote Desktop Connection Manager

One of the most popular tools for managing multiple remote desktop connections has been the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager.

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How to Manage Remote Connections in mRemoteNG

Most system administrators need to connect to many different systems, often in a variety of ways. There are several tools out there that offer this ability, but one of the more popular tools available is that of mRemoteNG. Originally a fork of mRemote, mRemoteNG adds many new features to mRemote. Features To support the many…

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Split Tunnel VPNs Improve Performance of Cloud Apps for Remote Workers

VPNs are commonly used to give users working from home access to corporate resources. But traditional forced tunnel VPNs can have a significant impact on the performance of cloud services like Office 365. In this article, I look at the different ways VPNs can be configured for performance and security.

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