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The Hybrid Cloud Trends We Expect to See in 2019

Last Update: Jul 06, 2022

As we head into the new year, here are the hybrid cloud trends that we expect to see in 2019.

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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Now Secures Unmanaged Devices and Linux Gets EDR

Microsoft recently announced that its Defender for Endpoint solution can now detect when unmanaged network devices may pose a threat. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is an enterprise antimalware solution that builds upon the free Microsoft Defender software that’s built into Windows 10 and Windows Server. Defender for Endpoint helps enterprises prevent, detect, investigate, and respond…

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Determining Azure Blob Storage Access Tiers with Ease

One of the things that is rather powerful about Azure Storage is that there are a number of different offerings. Azure Blob Storage has three tiers that should be very familiar Hot, Cool, and Archive.

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How to Use the Azure API Management to Proxy a Public API

With Microsoft Azure’s API Management service, you can easily proxy an existing API and modify the input and output before that data is received or sent.

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Active Directory Authentication for Azure Files Enters Public Preview

Active Directory authentication for Azure Files, which is now in preview, builds on Azure AD DS authentication over SMB by letting you mount shares created using Azure Files with Windows Server Active Directory (AD) credentials.

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VMware Embraces Kubernetes for App Modernization

Like many businesses today, VMware has embraced Kubernetes as a path forward to rearchitect modern apps and extend infrastructure and app management across the data center, edge and cloud.

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Five Facts about Hybrid Cloud Backup

Using the cloud as a backup target is definitely one of the ways that many businesses are adopting the hybrid cloud. Today, almost all businesses are dealing with massive data growth. The research firm IDC has estimated that overall data is doubling every two years. Keeping up with this level of data growth is tough…

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Getting Started with Azure Arc-Servers

Microsoft announced Azure Arc at Ignite 2019 providing a cross-platform hybrid management system to manage all servers anywhere. In this article, you’ll learn how to onboard your on-premises servers to Azure Arc Servers.

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Paul Thurrott’s Short Takes: November 22

Because millennials always have the answers, this week’s edition of Short Takes looks at Slack’s response to a Microsoft rip-off, Amazon suing over Microsoft’s JEDI contract, Salesforce’s unlikely Microsoft partnership, and so much more.

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What You Need to Know about Azure Stack Edge and the Hybrid Cloud

While pretty much everybody knows that Microsoft is one of the main cloud providers with Azure, not everyone knows that Microsoft is also offering hardware-based edge computing devices. One of the newer hybrid cloud computing technologies, the edge, is essentially a distributed computing model that brings compute power and data storage closer to the location where it is needed.

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