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Google Workspace to Get New ChatGPT-Like Generative AI Capabilities

Google announced this morning new ChatGPT-like generative AI capabilities for its Google Workspace productivity suite. The new AI-based features will begin rolling out in the Google Docs and Gmail apps for select users later this month. In Google Docs, the new AI generative capabilities will enable users to create outlines for new documents. For instance,...


Use Google Calendar to Schedule Microsoft Teams Meetings

Surprising Play from Microsoft Microsoft has published an add-on to allow Google Calendar users to create and use Microsoft Teams meetings in the Google Workspace Marketplace. From the age of the comments, it seems like the add-on has been available since late November. However, Microsoft isn’t saying too much about the topic and the only…

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Google Rebrands G-Suite, Introduces New Features

Google is rebranding its productivity suite and releasing a couple of new features too.

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Paul Thurrott’s Short Takes: July 17

Because the end is listless, this edition of Short Takes looks at a temporary Outlook problem that broke the Internet, Google’s Microsoft envy, a well-intentioned but ill-conceived plan to fix Edge and Chrome memory usage, Microsoft layoffs, and so much more.

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Paul Thurrott’s Short Takes: March 13

Because of the Coronavirus, this edition of Short Takes looks at a lot of virus-related collateral damage, including Microsoft Build 2020, Apple’s retail stores, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft’s ability to manufacture hardware, and even the DOD JEDI contract. OK, that one isn’t related to the Coronavirus.

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Paul Thurrott’s Short Takes: January 25

Because I live for the controversy, this edition of Short Takes looks at Microsoft’s hypocritical attack on fake news, the irony of Microsoft employees stuck in “Reply All” hell, Microsoft’s big year in education, and much, much more.

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Google’s Next G-Suite Feature? Logging Into Windows

Google is working to make it easier to use Windows with G-Suite and may soon enable the ability to login to Windows with G-Suite credentials.

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Google Adds More Features to G-Suite, Becomes a Bigger Thorn in Office 365’s Side

Google is adding new features to G Suite, the company’s productivity platform that rivals Office 365.

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