Microsoft Added 12 Million New Daily Teams Users in 7 Days

The rise of COVID-19 has put a significant amount of pressure on IT departments around the globe. With the onset of needing to support robust remote work experiences, every type of remote collaboration application has seen strong growth during the past month.

Microsoft’s Teams application falls into the collaboration category and has seen significant growth during the past seven days. The company announced today that from March 11th to the 18th, there are 12 million new daily active users.

In total, there are 44 million daily active users of Teams which is more than double the active userbase from November when the company reported 20 million daily active users. The company says that they also have 20 customers with over 100k users active as well.

To put this growth into perspective, it previously took Microsoft four months to add seven million new daily active users, they added 12 in seven days. This is also likely part of the reason why Teams was having a few issues earlier this week as well.

Along with frequently updating with new features, Teams’ robust thrid-party ecosystem has been helping drive the success of the platform. With plug-ins that enable nearly any type of functionality, Teams can become a hub of productivity.

With Skype for Business officially going away in the near future, the adoption of Teams should continue to grow as those customers migrate to the new platform. The key for Microsoft is to make Teams the new ‘sticky’ application inside of Office 365 and all signs are pointing to the fact that this application is becoming the new Excel.