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Patch Tuesday – November 2020

Microsoft patches 112 bugs, including a zero-day for the Windows kernel.

Nov 12, 2020|Russell Smith

Understanding How Azure Sentinel and Entity Behavior Analytics Deliver Actionable Intelligence

UEBA can identify unusual activity and help SOC teams identify if there is a compromised entity or a malicious insider.

Nov 6, 2020|Russell Smith

GET-IT Office 365 Security Day is Happening Now!

Petri's GET-IT: Office 365 Security 1-Day virtual conference is a full day of free learning dedicated to deep technical Microsoft Office 365 content aimed at accelerating the understanding of the security components of the platform as well as how to execute tasks securely inside the environment.

Sep 29, 2020|Brad Sams

Patch Tuesday August 2020

Microsoft patches 120 vulnerabilities this month, including 2 zero-day flaws. One in Windows and the second in Internet Explorer.

Aug 12, 2020|Russell Smith

Sponsored: Protecting your Domain and Users from Phishing Attacks

Protecting your brand and your employees from phishing attacks is a critical first step to keeping your environment secure.

Jul 27, 2020|Michael Otey

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