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How FIDO2 Passwordless Logins Work in Hybrid Azure AD Environments

Microsoft is expanding support for passwordless logins to devices that are hybrid joined to Azure AD domains. In this article, I explain how FIDO2 security keys work in hybrid Azure AD environments.

Mar 11, 2020|Russell Smith

Microsoft Removes Standalone Security Update Causing Issues on Some PCs

Microsoft UEFI Revocation List File update causes problems on some devices. Here's what you need to know about the latest Windows Update problem.  

Mar 1, 2020|Russell Smith

Patch Tuesday – February 2020

This month sees a bumper crop of 99 patches from Microsoft, including a fix for the IE zero-day announced last month and a change in default configuration for new Windows Server Active Directory deployments.

Feb 18, 2020|Russell Smith

Exploring Zero Trust

A quick primer on Zero Trust and why it's important.

Jan 22, 2020|Andrew Maxey

Microsoft Issues Zero-Day Advisory for Internet Explorer

Hot on the heels of this month's Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has published a security advisory for an Internet Explorer zero-day.

Jan 21, 2020|Russell Smith

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