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Paul Thurrott’s Short Takes: September 30

Because I already miss Atlanta, this edition of Short Takes focuses on Salesforce and Microsoft, Microsoft’s new AI-focused reorganization, Google’s new enterprise cloud push, Xbox strategy changes, China accuses Samsung of discrimination in Samsung Note 7 recall, and a ton of headline riffs.

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Microsoft Open-Sources PowerShell, on Linux — World Turned Upside-Down

Microsoft PowerShell on Linux and macOS—yes, it’s now open source. If you think the world’s gone mad, you might be right. For die-hard Linux-heads, it’s never going to replace Bash, Perl or Python. But for Microsoft-centric dev/ops types, it promises to be a wonderful widget in the toolbag. Especially as more workloads move to “the cloud.”

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Google Buys Orbitera as It Continues to Chase Amazon and Microsoft in The Cloud Race

Google is continuing to expand its infastracutre to better compete with Amazon and Microsoft; Gartner is starting to recognize the company’s new initiatives and has listed them as a visionary.

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Microsoft Continues To Chase Amazon In The Race To The Bottom Of The Cloud

Microsoft has announced a price reduction for some of its Azure services which mirror a recent price drop by Amazon as both companies compete fiercely for new business.

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Amazon Unveils WorkMail, Takes Aim at Exchange, Gmail

Amazon just decided to wage war for the enterprise messaging market by announcing Amazon WorkMail, a new cloud-based mail service that will compete with Microsoft Exchange Online and Google Gmail.

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Assigning Elastic IP Addresses to Amazon EC2 Instances

Russell Smiths shares simple steps for assigning elastic IP addresses to Amazon EC2 instances.

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Enable IP between VPC Instances in Amazon Web Services

Russell Smith shows us an easy way to configure Amazon Web Services security groups so that EC2 VPC instances can communicate with each other.

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Configure DHCP and DNS in an AWS Virtual Private Cloud

Russell Smith shows us how to get DNS resolution working for Active Directory by creating a new DHCP options set in Amazon Web Services.

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Manage IP Addressing with Virtual Private Clouds in Amazon Web Services

Learn how to provision a Windows Server 2012 R2 VM with a static private IP address in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), with the help of Windows PowerShell.

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Provision Windows Server in Amazon Web Services using PowerShell

Russell Smith shows us how to provision a Windows Server instance in Amazon Web Services using PowerShell in this handy how-to article.

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