Veeam’s ‘Biggest Release’ In their 10 Year History Arrives Today

Veeam Hero

Veeam, once a niche company with a unique product, has been growing at a serious rate the past couple of years. With more than 267,000 customers, the company is redefining what it means to have availability of your data and today they are releasing a major update to their software.

With the 9.5 Update 3, shipping today, the company can now provide centralized data management for virtual, physical and multi-cloud workloads. With this update, companies can remove legacy backup silos from their environment and manage all of their data with one pane of glass which is going to make life a lot easier for IT pros.

While the cloud was envisioned as a way to simplify the data center, the reality is that it is increasing complexity for most IT Pros. A decade ago, it was common to have one large box that stored all your data and that was replicated to another site for redundancy.

Now we have on metal on premises, virtualized environments on premises, containers as well as cloud services and offsite and cloud failover; simply put, your data is in a lot of different places and in many different states which means managing it can be a serious burden. This is where Veeam is stepping in with the latest update that is going to make it easier to keep your data available, no matter where it is stored.

Also included in this release is support for VMware on AWS, IBM storage integration, Lenovo storage integration and of course, HPE storage integration is still around too.

With customers and quite frankly management demanding that data always be available 24 7 365, knowing where your data is and how to quickly restore it is essential. Becuase landing the next big client could be the difference between having better availability than your competitor, having the right tools in place is not only smart business, it will help you stay in business as well.

I know that quite a few readers of Petri use this software and if you fall into that category, this update will make your life a little bit easier. For the entire release notes, you can find that info here.